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          Anstar New Material Technology CO., LTD. (also known as Anstar chemical ) was founded in 2021. The company, working as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qinmu Chemical Group, is located in Jinan Zhongde Gaoke New materials Industry zone and equipped with three R&D bases in Jinan city, Huai’an city and Yuncheng city respectively , covering a total area of 4000 square meters. And a bulk production base locates in Laohekou city covering an area of 40 acres. Total number of employees is more than 100 people, including more than 40 people with bachelor’s degree and more than 10 doctoral engineers. The factory is equipped with 4 sets of 5000L enamel kettle, 10 sets of 3000L enamel kettle, 8 sets of 100L high pressure reactor, 4 sets of 200L high pressure hydrogenation reactor, as well as several high-quality Germany-imported production and testing equipment, like centrifuge , rotary evaporator, separation dryer, 20 meters rectification tower and so on.

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        Anstar technology specializes in the development, production and sales of high-end fluorinated intermediates as well as the specialty chemical intermediates. The products are mainly used in high-end pharmaceutical industry such as anti-cancer, anti-hypoglycemic drugs, Cardiovascular drugs, antiviral drugs. Based on its strong R&D ability, now Anstar technology has been an very important strategic supporting supplier for many international large pharmaceutical enterprises.

       Our business philosophy: Specializing in fluorinated chemistry , creating benefits for human!

       Welcome to visit us, sincere cooperation makes mutual benefit!

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