A few things about fine chemicals

What are fine chemicals?

Fine chemicals are inorganic or organic molecules produced in kilogram or tonne quantities by conventional or biotechnological chemical processes in plants around the world. They are manufactured to exacting specifications and are an important part of the value chain for downstream applications, including everyday products that many consumers rely on. The process of developing and manufacturing fine chemicals is complex and often requires multi-step synthesis.

Types of fine chemicals

They are divided into three main forms: biocides, active pharmaceutical ingredients and speciality chemicals. These chemicals are never sold in their natural state. They are preceded by the addition of substances such as non-creative pigments, excipients and solvents.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients – they are then made into different doses of drugs.

Fungicides are chemicals that are used to kill weeds and pests. They include pesticides and herbicides.

Speciality chemicals are used in various processes, such as the manufacture of ceramics, plastics, glass additives and disinfectants or antioxidants.


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