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A few things about fine chemicals

What are fine chemicals? Fine chemicals are inorganic or organic molecules produced in kilogram or tonne quantities by conventional or biotechnological chemical processes in plants around the world. They are manufactured to exacting specifications and are an important part of the value chain for downstream applications, including everyday products that many consumers rely on. The process…

The use of Calone

Calone (also known as watermelon ketone) is a perfume ingredient that is an ingredient in many sea breeze perfumes available for men and women. In perfumery, the introduction of Calone kicked off the sub-family of perfumes referred to as “aquatic,” “oceanic,” and “ozone.” The first perfume with a fresh sea breeze scent was Aramas New West by…

Production & Industry Research of 1,3-Dimethyladamantane from Ansta

For the current therapy of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), which performances as memory loss and recognition ability disorders in the aged people, the drugs of Donepezil, Kabalatine, galantamine, and Memantine HCL always play an important role. 1, 3-Dimethyladamantane as the intermediate of Memantine HCL, the market requirement keeps increasing. In this regard, we enlarged our factory since 2014 to meet the worldwide…

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